Devi Durga: The symbol of immense power, the emblem of love and the statue of everyone’s mother. Her presence is considered as the biggest celebration and people enjoy each and everyday of her stay from Prothoma to Dashami. Devi Durga or often known to the world as MaaDurga is the greatest goddess of Hindu, the associate of Lord Shiva. She is being worshipped in different forms Parvati means “The Mountaineer”; Uma means “Light”, Jagatmata means “Mother of the world” andGaurimeans “Brilliance or yellow”. Other fierce and aggressive forms are Kali means “The Black”, Bhairavi means “the Terrible”, and Chandi mean “The Fierce and Durga means “The Inaccessible”.

Origin of Devi DurgaDevi Durga, a pure and beautiful face with an extraordinary power to destroy any strength whoseats upon a royal Lion. Her appearance gives a sense of purity and indestructive power. She was the one to destroy the monster Mahishasur who somehow gained huge power and strength. His strength that never tend to fade, frightened other gods as neither Shiva nor Vishnu is able to fight against this demon. Since everything was in the verge of getting destroyed, Devi Durga who was blessed by the powers of all Gods was raised in the battle against Mahishasur. Her eight armed statue is the emblem of tremendous power that cannot be destroyed by any power ended the demon-Mahishasur.

She was the one to face the demon by riding on her powerful lion and each of her arms has weapons that were given by all other Gods as a blessing. MaaDurga whose other side is aggressive and extremely angry is the symbol of power in Hindu mythology who destroyed a demon whom no other gods could destroy. In the entire battle she was the only deity fighting against the demon Mahishasur and brought back the peace. Durga puja is the celebration of the triumph of the good over evil.

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