South Indian Silk Material: Icon of Quality & Elegance

IMG_6655South Indian Silk is a name that itself reveals its unbeatable elegance. These sarees are being counted in the list of the most incredible sarees that have gorgeous looks. The vibrant colours blend with one another helps these saree to obtain an impeccable looks. Both its superior quality and colours make it well-recognized across the globe. Since the materials used for the production of these sarees are natural, it offers an irresistible appearance. Regardless of the type of festivals, the gorgeous South Indian Silk sarees are incomparable and compliment the elegance.

Generally these materials are obtained from numerous insects, but moth caterpillars are mostly utilized by the weavers for the textile manufacturing. The entire procedure of silk is categorized into various steps. Each and every step is being handled by different people, which in turn results in producing a saree with a jaw-dropping design.

Raw silk comes from silkworms, which are primarily cultivated on mulberry leaves. The overall method is done under a regulated temperature and as soon as the worms initiate pupating in their respective IMG_6660cocoons, they are being dissolved into boiling water. The only reason for dipping in warm water is to extract individual long fibres. Post dissolving, they are being fed in the spinning reels.

Silk is counted amongst the strongest natural fibres. These are lustrous yet not slippery and have a smooth texture, which makes them comfortable to use. They do not conduct electricity therefore vulnerable to static cling. Unlike any other types, they do not have the tendency to react with most of the mineral acids apart from sulphuric acid. Another most valuable quality of this particular material type is that they do not shrink or deform in any situation

For most of the women, South Indian Silk Sarees are the primary choice for any type of festivals. Due to their natural weaving procedure and cultivation they are counted among the high rated sarees that are an emblem of quality and elegance.

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