Silk Threads: A Key Material of the Gorgeous Banglar Silk Sarees

1Silk sarees due to its irresistible gorgeousness have become a necessary part of festivals. Whether it is celebrations or wedding, the finest looks and quality that adds comfortability, makes Banglar Silk sarees unique. The vibrant colour combinations and contrasting borders give these sarees a dignified look. The seamless beauty come from its threads that are obtained in a natural way. These silk sarees are counted among the best sarees in the world.

Banglar silk sarees are renowned for their noted permanence, refinement, texture and glimmer. The elegance and comfort make them perfect for any occasion. The silk threads that get the core appraisal for such impeccable looks, come from a handmade procedure. By cocoon cultivation also known as sericulture, feeding and spinning, these threads are formed.

Prior to making utilization in sarees, these are dipped numerous times in rice water and dried properly 2under the sun. Since these sarees are hand woven, weavers give precise attention. The silk yarn is being dyed in an interleaved design by making use with Zari. This is actually done by making twist of the silk threads. These threads are being twisted with a silver wire, which is later moved gradually with pure gold.

The threads used for the weaving procedure are again made with three single threads that are being twisted, eventually making a saree comparatively expensive and stronger. The specialty of these sarees is their “Designs” that add to the fame. Making a selection is probably the most difficult part, as they are available in an array of eye catching colors, varieties and designs.

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