Origin of Devi Durga
The Legendary Story Behind the Origin of Maa Durga
October 18, 2015
Durga Puja Maha Sasthi
Maha Sashti: Onset of Enjoyment & Rituals
October 18, 2015
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Durga Puja Cultural Impact

Sharodotsav or Sharadiya Durga puja is considered as the biggest and the most awaited festival of Hindus, especially to the Bengalis. Being one of the most significant socio-cultural festival, Durga puja has been celebrated from the ancient times, for her victory over Mahishasura- the mythological demon. According to the Hindu scripture, goddess Durga is imagined as a warrior, who fights against the evil with ten deadly weapons in ten hands.

Durga Puja Cultural ImpactNot only Bengalis and Kolkata dress themselves for this festival, but the entire country involves them in this funfair. Nowadays, people living in the foreign countries also celebrate this occasion, without hampering the prevailing tradition and culture of the Bengali society. Preparation for Durga Puja starts months before. Cities, towns, market places, roads, houses everything wraps themselves in glittering and shimmering illuminations. Various types of pandals are crafted based on themes, just to provide a social message to the people. Decorating puja pandals based on themes, this idea have been popular for many years and still continues to do the same. Every year people from all around the country visits Kolkata especially, just to get a glimpse of Ma Durga and her exquisitely decorated pandals.

Pandal hopping is one of the most popular activity that people enjoys practicing during Durga puja. Whether there is five kilometres long queues or ten, during this puja season, they do not mind to stand in these queues for hours and get a small glimpse of “Durga Pratima”. As mentioned earlier, Durga puja is one of the most prominent and significant festivals that is extensively celebrated in Kolkata. But the rest of the country also prepares them for puja and celebrates it with equal gaiety. Although, this puja is celebrated all throughout the country, but its biggest ad=ns the most pleasant charm can only be found inside the boundaries of Kolkata, within the traditional rituals and hidden emotions.

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