Maha Saptami is basically considered as the seventh day of Durga puja, during “Shukla Paksha” – moon’s waxing phase in the month of Aashin. This is the day when the Brahmin does the “Pran prathista” session of the idol as well as Kolabou. “Bodhan” in the most crucial element of this day and is does mostly during dawn, when the first rays of sun touches the ground of the Earth. The rituals related to kola bou are also held early morning.

Durga Puja Maha SaptamiSwaptami puja is all about pran pathishta or breathing life into the “Durga Pratima”. Most of the time, this ritual or ceremony is taken place in the Ghats o the holy river Ganga. Although, people doesn’t take the idol to the ghats of Ganga itself, rather their life is symbolically transported. The ritual of this pran prathistha in kola Bou is generally elaborate ceremony. Kola bou is basically the stem of banatree, which is draped in a white saree with red borders are taken to the Ganga ghats and then brought bank to the pandal, close to Lord Ganesha in the Sharadia Durga puja pandal.

In Various puja Pandals, Moha Saptami starts with the pran pratashista session, followed by the morning anjali, which is given by the devotees, empty stomach and then enjoy the Prasad. After the prashad distribution, various puja pandals arrange for the Bhog, which is considered as the “Lunch Time Meal”. Arrangement of Bhogs not only unites people, but also gives an opportunity to the devotees to engage themselves in gossips and various other stuffs. Apart from these, the drum beats and the Chanting mantra also form an important part of the Saptami puja.

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