Maha Navami – Mostly considered as the nineth day of moon’s wax face or the “Sukla Pakha” of this Ashwin month. Navratri is celebrated all throughout the country, but the ritual that is associated with this day keeps varying from one region to the other. In South India, maha nabami is celebrated as Ayundha puja. For this puja, people keep their tools, utensils and books, such that god can bestow their blessings on these stuffs and they can bring some good fortune from them.

Durga Puja Maha NavamiIf you look at the Bengali culture, then you will find that this is considered as the last and the final day before the visarjan. Just because this is the last day of Durga puja, some pandals also makes arrangements for fooding or bhogs, such that people get a scope of uniting with others and discuss about their entire puja celebration. “Bhog” over here isn’t just the food that is offered in the “lunch time meal”. Rather it the food that has been provided to the goddesses, which are later getting shared amongst the devotees.

In some regions of our country, you can also witness animal sacrifice on the day of navratri. But this kind of ritual and ceremony is often discouraged the numerous people these days. The government bans butchering animals, but still there are numerous regions, where you can still find innocent animals getting sacrificed. As mentioned earlier, navami is the last day of Durga puja and thus, many people have spend this last day by hopping on various pandals enjoying few moments amid Bengali puja tradition and culture.

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