Irrespective of being a part of Vijaya dashami, Maha Dashami is the most sorrowful day. On this day, people bid farewell to the deity. In West Bengal, Devi Durga is being worshipped as Aparajita on this special day. Then comes the most important part of Maha Dashami and i.e. the Aarti. This marks the completion of the entire prayers and rituals of Durga Puja.

After offering a bhog including Kochur Sak, Ilish Machvaja, Panta Vat, the priest performs the start of Bisarjan Puja. In this particular ritual, Devi Durga that is being believed has invoked in the divine idol is being pleaded to return back to her heavenly abode. After this, comes the Prasashti Vandana. In this, a mirror is being kept just in front of the goddess and devotees get a view of deity’s feet by looking straight into the mirror.

Durga Puja Bijaya DashamiLater comes the Devi Boron, which is the final prayer as well as celebration particularly made by the married women. Women of all ages perform Aarti and smudge Devi Durga with vermillion (sindoor), beetle-leaf (paan), and sweets. Followed by this, the ladies offer sweets to other ladies and paint with vermillion.

On this particular day, there are places that offer food to the entire locality. Different types of delicious foods are being cooked to feed the people. Apart from this, various type of miscellaneous activities are arranged for young generation in order to enjoy the entire day.

After the Boron is over, Devi Durga is taken out from the pandal or house and is being prepared for departure by immersing to the Ganga. The entire procedure is known as Visharjan, where people walk till the idol is being immersed. Prior to immersing the idol of Devi Durga, where each and every heart cries, a prayer is being made on the bank that is the last and final aarti. Followed by this, she is immersed into the water with great care.

Even when, this is the last day and people deep inside cries, still every person from Bengal screams aloud that “Aschey Bochor Abaar Hobe” which means next year again we will enjoy and in this way the charm of Durga Puja never tends to fade.

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