The traditional “Hazar Buti”

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May 12, 2016
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May 12, 2016
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The traditional “Hazar Buti”


With the partition of India, many talented weavers came and settled in Nadia and Burdwan district of Bengal. These districts slowly developed themselves as centers of hand – woven fabrics. There was a time when India was under the British rule. And the culture of handcrafts and handlooms saw its sudden decline. However, with the government’s help and encouragement, the talented weavers revived their ancestral occupation. Thus the art of exquisite weaving started again.

Today, finely woven textiles and saris of exotic designs and colours are being produced in a large variety in the weaving belt of Shantipur, Phulia, Samudragarh, etc.

The typical Bengali “Tant” saris which are characterized by its thick borders and decorative pallav, woven in a variety of floral, paisley and other artistic motifs have these richly designed “Hazar Buti Tant” or “Kata Buti Tant” sarees .

The speciality of these sHazar Buti_blog_260416_1arees lie in the ‘buties” that run all across the body of the sarees . Since time immemorial these “butis” are hand woven. And the method of cutting the threads add  special charm to the sarees. From this cutting thread method these sarees are  popularly known as “Kata Buti Tant” sarees The differently coloured “floral” designs on the borders of these sarees which are also individually crafted giving them ethnic, gorgeous and stylish look.

Kiukart, the new e–commerce craft house has picked up this exquisite collection of “Hazar Buti tant” directly from the weavers’ den. The tant sarees, which are available in the store, are renowned for its transparency and weightlessness. The  light texture, specially of the “Hazar Buti Tant”, can be carried off quite easily in any occasion, particularly during the hot and sweaty summers of Bengal.

However, in Kiukart, these traditional sarees are available in affordable prices.

Hence deck up yourself creatively and proudly walk into various parties & occasions with these gorgeous “Hazar buties” only from

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