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Durga Puja - A Cultural Celebration of Life

Durga Puja – A trail of emotions, celebrations and cultural, which has always captured an exceptional place in the hearts of every Bengali. This is not just any religious occasion, but a “celebration of life”. This is considered as one of the major events in the social calendars of Bengal and is also one of those festivals for which, people wait from the very first day of the year. These five days of Durga Puja isn’t only a festival of celebrations, but also a carnival of reunions, where Kolkata works as the epicentre of this auspicious gaiety.

Durga Puja - A Cultural Celebration of LifeIt is the only season where Bengalis officially celebrate and rejoice the victory of good over the evil powers. They indulge themselves in enthralling festivities and actively participate in the old-time rituals. People welcome their goddess Durga warm heartedly and worship her with all their emotions and sentiments. The overwhelming drum beats or the beats of “Dhak”, the mesmeric sounds of “conch shekks”, stunning view of “Kaash” flowers and the heart-warming fragrance of “Sheuli” flower, finely dressed people, richly decorated “pandals” and the blinking lights build up the entire ambiance of Durga puja.

Hindu Mythology is all about the stories of goddess Durga. She has always been depicted as the Mother or the protector of “Shakti” and the destroyer of Evil powers. She is the symbol of good over evil for Bengalis and is also recognized universally throughout nation. According to a very popular story, mostly played in Mahalaya, celebrates goddess in the form of Mahishasura Mardini. People portray her riding on a ferocious lion, with her ten arms filled with deadly weapons as she victoriously slays Mahishasura, the Buffalo demon. The symbol of goddess Durga is victory of good over evil.

Amongst everything, Durga puja remains one of the most favourite and special festival of Bengalis that always combines their emotions, culture and happiness. Months before Bengalis start preparing and planning for their upcoming festival- whether it is about going for holidays or buying new clothing. During this occasion, Bengal stands still and people in here devotes themselves to this festival. Durga puja has its unique flavour and charm, which attracts not only the people in Bengal, but around the world.

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