Different Varieties and Designs of Banglar Silk Sarees

23silk1Silk is said to be from the oldest varieties of fibres produced in a natural way. Its irresistible designs make them look gorgeous. The threads utilized for making these sarees and their impeccable designs are the silk threads produced by cultivating silkworm. Though there are many species of moths, only 70 silk moths have been found out by the scientists that have economic value.

Some of the commercially popular ranges of natural silk are:

  • Muga Silk
  • Eri Silk
  • Mulberry Silk
  • Oak Tasar or Tasar Silk

Though most of the silk supply comes from Bombyx Mori, other types of silk are called as Wild Silk. The name is “Wild” as they are grown naturally without making any controlled environment.

Mulberry Silk: This is one of the most common types that are obtained from “Bombyx Mori”. They feed on Mulberry plant and from there comes the Mulberry Silk.

Muga Silk: This is the pride of Assam, recognized for its sparkling golden yellow color. These are highly valued products commonly used for chaddars, sarees and mekhalas.

Eri Silk: This is another variety known for its soft and long lasting nature. They are also known as Errandi Silk produced mostly in India.

Oak Tasar Silk: Though they do not have the same luster as mulberry silk, they mostly find their usage for interiors and furnishing.

Muga_Silk_YarnHere are a variety of fabrics with their known names.

  • Dupion Fabrics- Mainly used for cushion covers and dresses. Their check look truly eye pleasing.
  • Plain Silk Fabrics: Available in numerous shades and stripes, thus find usage for shirting. Plain silk is mostly utilized by exporter for the purpose of fashion garments, scarves, made-ups and ladies blouses.
  • Charka Silk: These are mostly used for decorating sarees with zari.
  • Chinion: These types of materials are soft yet crimp used for making stoles.
  • Chiffon: These have a smooth and soft texture mostly utilized for making ladies attires.
  • Crepe: These are generally used for making crepe sarees, well-recognized in export front and domestic market.
  • Satin: When these are used for dresses, they look incredible. These are popular for export.
  • Organza: they have a rough texture and mostly used for sarees and embroided garments.
  • Murshidabad Silk: The fabrics are commonly found in various qualities, mainly used in scarves and sarees.
  • Matka Silk: At present, this is the one of the renowned export items. With multiple yarns, the thickness and texture can be modified.

The impressive designs of Banglar Silk sarees are the example of outstanding craftsmanship. They are the master in creating floral designs, fine geometry, durability, stunning textures and lastly their irresistible choice of colors. They are not only a good choice in terms of their looks, but also their quality is an emblem of comfort.

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