Banglar Silk: Manufacturing Procedure of Gorgeous Fabric Material

Murshidabad - 16Silk- A high-standard textile recognized for their impeccable glamour, eye-catching luster and irresistible sensuousness. In India and in other corners of the world, the quality and looks of Banglar Silk Sarees are unique. The combination of colors reveals the beauty and quality adds to its comfort. Indian Silk is well recognized throughout the world due to the patters, designs and weaves.

The unavoidable looks of these Banglar Silk sarees come from its natural way of manufacture. It is actually a natural protein fiber obtained from caterpillars. The overall procedure of manufacture of silk differs a lot from other natural fibers.

  • Cocoon cultivation or Sericulture: This is a process where the cocoons are manufactured forMurshidabad - 17 their filaments and Bombyx mori is the best species for it. The primary step is laying eggs, which is performed in a proper environment to ensure no infection.
  • Feeding and Spinning: After larvae is hatched out, they are kept under layers of gauze. They are properly nurtured by feeding with chopped mulberry leaves. Meanwhile, these larvae undergoes constant changes by shedding their skin eventually form a caterpillar. Finally, they are set to spin cocoons and therefore clusters of twigs and racks are provided.
  • Filature Operations: The raw silk obtained by unwinding the cocoons is then collected according to skeins in factories is called as Filature. The sorting is done on the basis of shape, texture, color and size. It is normally performed in hot or cold water to get a continuous thread.
  • Silk Yarn Process: After washing and sorting them according to quantity, length, color and size, these are being dried properly and made into reels. For acquiring proper diameter throughout, rollers are normally used. Different kind of yarns is given different twists.
  • Finishing Silk Yarns: In order to enhance their appearance, feel and durability, different types of finishing procedures are used. Cireing and Calendering done for luster, steaming for pile weaves and singeing for smoothening. To remove wrinkles, pressing and lustering is done.

Being manufactured from natural protein fiber, nothing could surpass the demand of the Banglar Silk sarees. Its patterns, colors and quality create a magic and make women look gorgeous. Nothing like Banglar Silk sarees can grab the attention with its sensuousness and timeless charm.

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