Kiukart - A Knowledge Hub of Tant and Silk Sarees

Our Culture, Our Heritage, Our Legacy! Indian artisans and weavers are a part of this community and thus, play an important role in its cultural heritage and legacy. However, the significance of this cultural community is getting demolished, as they are not getting enough scope to establish themselves in front of public. But with Kiukart, our heritage has again started breathing; it has taken a new life and started its journey to a new beginning. It is a brand that celebrates tradition and loves to make people participate in this celebration.

It isn’t any brand that promotes its name; it is a name that promotes its culture and endangered heritage. Kiukart presents its readers with the knowledge of our art and craft, a community that has been there in our society from a very long time, but still didn’t get much recognition. Sarees have always been an identity of womanhood, but how many of you do know about sarees in detail, how many of you know about their manufacturing process? Well, the answer would be very few and this is the only reason, Kiukart wants to deliver its audience with the most preserved secret of sarees and their manufacturing process.

Sarees are the essence of feminity, elegance and grace. The six yard piece is the most popular and widely worn ladies dress across India. Sarees come in many varieties and in different types of materials. You must have some of these varieties in your wardrobe as well, but do you have any idea about their inception, if not, then Kiukart is here to provide you with the knowledge. They not only provide you with enough information regarding sarees, but also become a rich source to them. Do not just enrich your knowledge, but also enhances your collection of beautiful and elegant Indian sarees. The most popular and traditional among the sarees is the most coveted Silk Sarees especially the ones that come with gold thread border and intricate zari work. One can never go wrong with a saree since it suits every occasion. It signifies the poise and grace of a woman. The long trail of cloth, one single straight length with no Zip or no stitch, marks the beauty of a lady and covers the beauty with all its layers!

Celebrate with Kiukart, rejoice the victory or come back of our traditional sarees. You preserved the ethnicity inside you and Kiukart preserves your tradition and gives you an opportunity to “Celebrate Your Tradition”.

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